Saturday, March 30, 2013

Free Checking at FSB

Free Checking to First Security Bank means THEY decide if you should have money in your account.  Your assets are now First Security Bank.

FSB boasts free checking, but it comes with quite a cost.  As a former customer, I can attest to loss of funds from an account from First Security Bank Montana error.

It quickly became my error.  And my loss.  And my credit loss.

If a customer of First Security Bank thinks this is security, or even the way a bank should handle things, please find a better bank than First Security Bank in Montana.

So...after this error, and payment of hundred of dollars of fees for FSB error, and three years go by.  First Security Bank did not forget how terrible they treated me.

First Security Bank graduated to discrimination.  You will be judged by stupid white people who are uneducated but love to hate their customers at FSB.  Is this a place you want your business account, or your hard earned dollars....I should certainly hope not.

These bank employees seem to have trouble communicating with each other.  When one person cuts a check to close account, another seems to think more money is owed.  Idiocy I know, but those are the practices of First Security Bank in Montana.  In a day of computerized account capture, even the telephone is too difficult to master of Vice Presidents of First Security Bank in Montana.

Again, is FSB a place where you want your funds?

The Montana banking commisison turned a blind eye to FSB and failed the Montana public.

Have you ever heard of a bank refusing to open a business account without checking ANY information whatsoever?  This is First Security Bank's forte, and way of doing business.

Do you feel secure at how things are done at FSB?

The state informed me that FSB holds 100,000 accounts when there are 1 million people.  The goal of this campaign is to reduce that number to 75,000 and/or get Scott Burke fired in Missoula.

Abusive, and discriminatory practices do not lend well for FSB to succeed in todays market.  As FSB decides to limit the number of accounts allowed, this blog will certainly help First Security Bank achieve that goal.

While banking in the United States, I have never encountered the treatment of bank employees like FSB.  Do not Bank with First Security Bank in Montana.