Sunday, August 24, 2014

FSB Still Sucks

Unless people were still in doubt,


Like the group anonymous, they and I do not forgive, I dont forget...and I get results.

My campaign against First Security Bank in Montana has had its effect.  The fun part is that it is also permanent.  When our state banking commission does nothing to protect state taxpayers from out of bounds bank behavior, we have freedom of opinion on the internet.

These opinions are strong enough to tell you with certainty: you will get better care at a better bank other than First Security Bank.  There is no care, there is no concern for your interests.  They live by fees, notices, and employees who are better than their own customers.


Arrogant executives, abusive account management, negligent duty to customers, discrimination, defamation.  All because they cant do the easy thing: treat people right.

The nice part about about Montana, is that the truth gets out pretty quick.  Bank with FSB in Montana and find out how much they love fines to nickel and dime your money into their hands.  Once in their hands, it appears to be be doing good in a community like Missoula, MT.  Oh, we mean the rape capital of America---make sure to send your young girls so they can be assaulted.

A place where law enforcement are not trained well to serve you.  A place where top law enforcement officials are on film telling deputies to charge innocent people with crime.  A place where "politics" means you are obedient, even if you are the Sheriff elect.

First Security Bank is more abusive than the law enforcement in Missoula and Montana.  Cross the old boys, and all they know is abuse, in concert with the Banking Commission.  This is my account of the employees after experiencing the destruction of my business account due to a FSB employee error.  Hundreds of dollars gone, and even a VP of the Hamilton, MT branch was in shock that I paid the fees.  They are into destruction of people, their credit, and their good favor with the "bank".

Forget about asking for better treatment.  Your money becomes theirs.  They have the knuckle bashers to take care of you, and an ability to destroy credit to their delight.

I'm a couple of years removed from First Security Bank.  Its a slow recovery, but I dont forgive and I dont forget.  I publish on the internet permanently.

I've been successful in exposing Judges in Montana, and many, many others.

FIRST SECURITY BANK is no place to work, support with accounts, or give any credit for any benefit to any Montana Community.  Horse thieves is an appropriate analogy for their own symbol.  When you have the control of outcomes, ability to defame people when they present legitimate claims to the Montana Banking Commission its time to soul search FSB.

If you are reading this as an employee, please get out.  Your talent can be used serving the Montana public at another institution.  If you are an account holder, maybe your money would be safer at a better bank.  If you are idealistic, dont support a bank who bashes people, their money and credit.

First Security Bank needs new management.  When the chamber of commerce could not believe Scott Burke's actions because they had not heard it before, I told her you've heard it now.  Money talks in their worlds.  Problem is public, thats stolen money.

FIRST SECURITY BANK: we suck until Scott Burke is gone, and we stop abusing our customers.