Saturday, September 14, 2013

Scott Burke Missoula

A couple of people, perhaps Scott Burke himself has been searching what has been written about him.  Lets give him something to read.

Just wondering if his Missoula employees of First Security Bank are still willing to mistreat their customers.  The area has noticed a new campaign to spice up their image.

The truth does not lie.

Treating people right is easier than making lemonade
but too difficult for First Security Bank

When you are the CEO of a company that mistreats people, it is not unknown to someone like Scott Burke of First Security Bank.  The treatment of customers must reflect the weakness of FSB executives.  Stealing money from customers of a bank is not any way to stay in business.

Scott Burke just does not want anyone questioning his power.  Power abusing people.
First Security Bank's Missoula secret is out.

What comes around goes around.  First Security Bank dumped twice on the wrong people.
First Security bank counted on their former customers who were embarrassed by poor policy, poor professionalism from FSB to make people run away in shame.

Being defamed, and discriminated against by First Security Bank and Scott Burke does not embarrass me.  I plan on telling the public to remove all their accounts at First Security Bank Montana.

The abuse of customers from FSB is seeing less customers, partially due to the fallout of the Missoula Rape crisis and less money in the area due to less university students.

But First Security Bank cannot continue to mistreat their customers.
They are leaving.

Find any bank in Montana, they will take better care of you than First Security Bank.